Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday

Because He Turned 3 This Week

  1. I have never asked Zeke, nor shown him for that matter, how to change the toilet paper roll but every time he is the last one to use up the toilet paper on a roll he'll throw it away and change it with a new roll from under the counter.  And don't worry, when there isn't one he'll come ask me for one so he can change it.
  2. He can role-play the entire movie "Cars
  3. He is very sensitive to people's feelings concerning their belongings.  For example, one night when acting like a rock star he jumped off his "stage" and landed on some of my Tupperware that had been lying on the floor.  He crushed it and it broke in little pieces.  He acted devastated, knowing it was his mommies and apologized over and over=)
  4. The best consequences for him right now are not spankings or time-outs.  Nope, we just have to mention that we will take one of his new cars he got for his birthday and he straightens right up and acts like an angel!
  5. Zeke tells Josh on a daily basis (if not more) to "stop talking to mommy and come hewe so I can wessle you!"

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Monica said...

I love the pronunciations of little ones!