Thursday, July 9, 2009

All Night

The last few nights have been long nights for me.  I've not been sleeping well at all and after every trip to the bathroom it takes me FOREVER to get back to sleep.  

I've even made up a new game.  I try to guess what time it is by the lighting outside every time I have to get up to go to the bathroom.  I was WAY OFF after my first trek out of bed last night.  I thought for sure it was around 1:30am but was only 11:28!  Not even midnight!=)

Which brings me to the post at hand.  I've been sitting in bed for several hours at night lately and just thinking.  For instance, after watching/hearing days and days of Michael Jackson coverage (that seems to be the only thing going on in the world apparently) I laid in bed pondering what it would have been like to grow up knowing him, wondering how he made his body move the way he did while dancing, how he wrote his know, things like that.

Last night I stayed awake thinking, what if Micaiah came tomorrow?  Would I be ready?  I get pretty uncomfortable, as most women do, during that last few weeks of pregnancy and my short torso, numb rib cage, and lack of air supply (Josh was laughing at me while I tried to eat corn on the cob last night with my stuffy nose and lack of oxygen, HA!)  are evidently taking the brunt of this discomfort.  So, physically speaking I'm ready, and as of next week he'll be considered full term (37 weeks) so Micaiah is ready.  Areyna wanted me to just push my belly last night and make him come out so she is ready.  Josh is ready for another kid to wrestle so I KNOW he's ready.

I waited 10 months to get pregnant with this little guy.  We prayed and prayed, ultimately knowing God's timing is perfect but feeling very impatient.   God is good (even if we wouldn't have gotten pregnant again, I might add) and saw fit to bless us with Micaiah to raise to fear the Lord.  That's a big responsibility.  

These are just things I've been thinking about.
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