Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Swings and Movies In The Park

After realizing that our baby swing, which we have had for almost 5 years now, wouldn't turn on I went out to get some fresh batteries thinking that maybe it just needed some new ones.  Yesterday I put them in and ... NOTHING!  It is in EXCELLENT condition, it just won't start=)  It did make it through 3 kids and 3 moves (our cousin Ella used it between Areyna and Zeke), I think it did it's job.  Josh suggested that maybe with the momentum of the baby inside it would just keep rocking on it's own for awhile=)  I told him he could have that job, or we could go look for another one, HA!  

Anyway, we found a brand new one on craigslist for super cheap.  We figure we haven't hardly spent any money stocking up on diapers, we already had baby clothes, bed and accessories, that we could spend a little money on something new for Micaiah.  This swing is a little smaller than the one we originally had, PLUS it plugs in OR uses batteries, so we are pumped.  

We were already out and about so we decided to stop by CrossPoint's Movies In The Park.  Our friend, Scott, is on staff their and our kids love him and his wife so we thought we'd hang out for a little bit.  They had free face painting (my kids opted for leg-painting - Spiderman and a Bunny), free pop-corn and water and a free movie.  It was right around 8 and the movie wouldn't start for another hour.  Never in a million years did I think our kids would sit through the whole movie, so late at night, but they did and we had a BLAST!  I'm so glad we went=)  It was fun cuddling up with my family on a Friday night under the stars (with a few hundred other people) watching a movie=)
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