Monday, June 1, 2009

The Stash

Diapers and wipes I've been stockpiling that
I've literally paid pennies (if that) for!

For some reason we run out of our ministry CD's AND Books at the same time and the more you buy the cheaper they are when we need to restock so we now have an office FULL of boxes, boxes and more boxes.  If you know me at all you KNOW I despise boxes!

I tried to take advantage of the few days I had at home because they seem to be so few and far between lately.  I was ready to find a home for the boxes and I also wanted to feel like I'd accomplished something for baby #3 since he'll be here soon.  Luckily those two things go together very well.  

If I pull out the pack-n-play (our version of a crib) from the kids closet and go ahead and set it up for the baby then I can store all the diapers and wipes that I've been stock piling over the last few months under the bassinet part of the bed instead of storing them in the closet.  This would then make room for the endless stacks of boxes in our office, giving everything a home once again...ahhh.

So, a couple of nights ago I had a task and nothing was gonna stop me=)  I got the baby bed ready and started pulling out the diapers and wipes to store under the bassinet of the pack-n-play.  This is when I realized that we have quite a stash of  diapers and wipes, which I've paid only pennies for using coupons, CVS and Target deals, gift cards, and free samples that come in the mail!

Now that the boxes have a home and the baby bed is up all I need to do is ask Josh to pull the 0-3 month baby clothes out of the attic and we'll be ready to go!
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