Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hello, Goodbye

We made it home on Monday night to sleep in our own beds after a great weekend with Ingleside's youth in Myrtle Beach.  I spent all yesterday trying to catch up in the office and Josh worked on demos for the next CD project we'll be working on next month.

We did get a lot done, but we were aching to see our kids.  I hadn't seen them since last Wednesday and it was time=)  We got back in the car to head back here to Virginia to bring the sound equipment back and pick up the kids.  

Josh will be heading back home with the kids today but I am heading to Richmond for a Homeschool Convention before meeting back up with my sweet family in Raleigh this weekend at Journey.  

We decided it was time to get serious about our schooling plans since we only have 1 more year before Areyna starts Kindergarten.  I'm anxious to see all that's out there.  Especially since Areyna was only in a 2-day preschool class last year and it was difficult enough to get her to school 2 times a week with our travel schedule.

So, it's hello...goodbye to my little kiddos for a few more days.
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