Thursday, June 4, 2009

Check YOUR Target

I was out running some errands yesterday and you KNOW that one of the stores I had to go into was Target, by far one of my favorite stores!  

Anyway, I was walking the isles so slowly as I was just listening to everyone else's kids whine about what their mommys wouldn't buy for them and to other people's kids fighting with each other in the carts on the adjacent isles.  So thankful that my kids don't ever act like that?  No way, but so grateful that my husband, the awesome and sensitive man that he is, gave me a break=)  

Oh yeah, back to Target.  I don't even know why I was in the grocery isles but I had just happened to meander over to that area in the back of the store and they had the biggest clearance section EVER!  I was SO excited.  I usually don't buy things off of my list but our grocery budget isn't getting used that much the next couple of weeks since we're traveling so I decided I could use that money to stock some needed items in our pantry anyway.  They had a 3-pack of Old Spice deoderant, which is the only kind that can hold up for Josh through a whole gig., for only $3.  Minus my $1 off coupon.  They had tons of cereals to choose from and we were down to 1 box so I bought 4.  They had a 2-pack of Goldfish crackers (the big boxes) for $3 and other snack foods and granola/cereal bars.  They had toothpaste and body wash and razors, but I'm pretty stocked up with that stuff from CVS.  You name it, it was there.  Here was my favorite find yesterday though...a HUGE BOX of Size 1 Pampers diapers (I'm talking 154 diapers ya'll) for a little over $10 off of the original price!  I just went and added that to my stockpile for baby and was pretty excited since Pampers swaddlers are my favorite for newborn booties.  They also had huggies boxes and pull-up boxes too!

Just thought I'd pass that info. on to make sure you bring your coupons and check the clearance section in YOUR Target.

I have a question for you before you go though.  How can diapers expire?  Why in the world would they mark a huge box of diapers down.  What could possibly go "bad" in diapers and why would they want to get rid of such an essential item?  Any ideas?
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