Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nothing...So Scream

Josh and I got home after church this afternoon with one agenda for the rest of the do NOTHING!  We have succeeded with flying colors=)  After getting in around 10:30 last night and getting up for a full morning of worship this morning we feel the much needed urge to veg. out for the rest of the day before we gear up to leave again in just a few short days.

We put the kids down for their nap and laid down on the couch to catch some random Sunday afternoon flicks.  Scream 2 was on.  I used to love that movie!

But you know you are getting old when...
...almost all the girls are is wearing a bodysuit
...the main characters are frantically running around trying to find a VCR to watch the evidence tape
...the cell phones that everybody are talking on are the size of my toaster=)

Good times!
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