Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Have You Ever Done This?

I can't believe I'm gonna tell you about this because now you might go snag my deal!  But I do love you all so dearly and know we're all out their waiting for the next fun way to save=)

Every week Old Navy has this game you can play to "find" hidden coupons on their site to use in the store for the next week.  I'd heard of it before but never really checked into it.  Last night, on the other hand, I followed a link there that said they were about to reset their coupons for the next week and they were giving away some $60/$100 purchase coupons.  I was like, "heck yeah", since I have a $50 gift card and I could potentially pay $10 for $100 worth of stuff!  So I went.  It was kind of late before I got in bed that night (oh, 12:30 or so) and when I checked it then they still hadn't reset the game.  Then, the next morning after my little potty break I came in to snag one of those coupons and they were all gone already.  I did get a "25% off of your next purchase" coupon though=)  

Anyway, go HERE to go find some hidden coupons.

***Helpful Hint - Push your curser around and click on different pictures to find the deals.  When you find a coupon click "add to your instore coupon" and then keep hunting to later replace it with a better coupon you find or print it later.  Once you enter your e-mail address it won't let you go search anymore and you only get 1 coupon per e-mail address per week.
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