Thursday, May 21, 2009

11 Hours Later

We made it here to my brother's house in Oviedo, FL right before 9:30 last night.  The trip really wasn't bad...and this is coming from the lady who is 7 months pregnant=)  The kids really did a great job!

I kind of broke the trip into different sections to keep the kids entertained with different things.  Our goal was NOT to get to FL in good time, it was to get there in one piece...with ALL my hair still in tact=)

First Stage: 10:30-12:30
We wanted to get a couple of hours down the road before having to stop so we stuck to the basic things we do in the car on a short trip like watching for animals out the windows and listening to music and playing with the handful of little toys the kid's smuggled into the backseat from the house=)

Second Stage: 12:30-1:30
Since we packed a lunch we were on the lookout for a park or playground of some sort.  Our GPS is so ridiculous sometimes and it sent us out into some random fields when we asked it for a park.  Hmmm, no place to even have a picnic.  We were out in the middle of nowhere heading back to the interstate when we passed a very small country church with a VERY OLD playground behind it.  Nobody was there and there were no signs telling us "no" so we let the kids run wild and we had a little lunch.
Yeah, this was a tetanus shot waiting to happen!

Besides the rusty playground equipment and Zeke's need to take his lunch around the WHOLE playground with him (he even mastered the slide while holding onto his luncheable and apple!) we had a nice break and were ready to hit the road again.
Rainy and Zeke (lunch and all) on the tetanus car

Rainy got in this swing and swung ALL BY HERSELF 
for the first time.  We were all pretty proud=)

Third Stage:  1:30-6:00
This was a long stretch with a quite a few bathroom breaks and we had to fill up the car so this is why the trip took so long.  2 kids and a pregnant woman do NOT = quick trips!  After lunch I promised the kids their "to-do" bags which ended up keeping them occupied until nap time.  And although no naps were had we did listen to some Praise Baby and have some "simmer/quiet" time for an hour or so.  After their rest time we pulled out the DVD player and watched the first movie of the trip.  After the movie was over we were all ready to stop and get dinner.

Fourth Stage:  6:00-7:00
DINNER - quick, cheap mexican, can't beat that!

Fifth Stage:  7:00 - 9:30
After a gas fill-up we put in another movie to see if we could make it to our final destination!

Josh and I usually get to see Andrew and Dana a total of 1 time a year so this is a special treat to be able to hang out with them an extra time in the year.

P.S. Zeke seems to always get hurt or sick while we're on the road.  So, in dedication of being on the road a LONG way from home Zeke woke up with what we think is ANOTHER ear infection!  We're heading out to go get some Garlic Oil drops.  We're going herbal this time=)
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