Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Preparation - Holy Week

Last year we started a really sweet tradition as a family.  We celebrated Holy Week.  You can check out what we did last year HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

We enjoyed it so much, and the kids still talk about it and sing the songs so much that we decided that this tradition is gonna stick and we're going to do it again.  We'll be implementing some new ideas this year and I'm really excited to face the challenge of teaching our children the REAL meaning of Easter and trying to help make it stick!

This week we've begun our Holy Week by starting at the beginning of the Crucifixion story for our Family devotions at night time.


the broomes said...

Hey tasha! We are doing some special devotions preparing for Easter and what it REALLY means as well. My mom gave me a couple of ideas; my favorite is ressurection cookies. You get a can of biscuits, wrap them around a marshmellow, dip in butter & cin/sugar and then bake as normal. When they come out, the middle is empty- like Christ's tomb! Look forward to reading about your week and the creative ways you teach the kids to celebrate Christ!

Stephen and Tara said...

These are great ideas!