Friday, April 10, 2009

Playing With Purpose - Holy Week

Today for Holy Week we've talking a lot about Christ's death, remembering what He did on the cross and why He did it and who He did it for!  The kids have been absolutely mesmerized by the story, especially the crown of thorns.  

Last week when my parents were here we went to the Billy Graham Library.  In one of the rooms there is a BIG cross with a crown of thorns on the top.  My mom stayed in that room for several minutes explaining it to Areyna and answering all her questions and she's been asking questions ever since so today has been a GREAT day to tie that in for her especially.

Since it has been rainy outside with the occasional rumble of thunder in the distance Josh pulled out the art stuff.  Kids need visuals to help them learn so we made pictures about Good Friday and read from their Devotional Bible about this special day while we crafted away.

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