Friday, March 20, 2009

Why Not

This past week, for various reasons, has been full of emotional ups and downs.  So, in order to retain composure and tranquility for my family (this pregnancy has made me crazy and obsessed to keep things in order and clean and to "re"organize every little thing in the house!  Poor Josh can't seem to find anything.  He even asked me where he could find the paper towels last night), I decided to let some things go that normally would absolutely drive me crazy!  

For example, the clean laundry has been sitting on a pile on our bedroom floor for over 3 days, I think that's a record for me!  The kids toys have overtaken every room of the house, the dishwasher STILL needs to be started and I haven't made my bed yet today.  But in a strange way it has been nice to just let go of all that stuff for awhile and sit around and glue googly-eyes on paper with Zeke, make birdies for Areyna out of little pom-pom balls, go on multiple walks a day and paint my toenails.  

When the kids come up to me and ask me if they can do something I usually make my decision on whether or not the activity will make mess or if I just don't think it's all that necessary.  But this week has been a little different.  They have heard a lot of this phrase from me instead, "why not".  Not to something that will hurt them, of course, but to things that really don't matter in the first place like, carrying their art boxes ALL over the house leaving a trail of sequence and sticker backings behind them=)  Or pulling the couch cushions off to roll onto them on the floor, or bringing Babydoll in the sandbox, or playing musical chairs at mealtime, or killing the worms that came out after last nights rain with the racquetball racket.  I mean, why not!  The kids have enjoyed playing a lot more this week as I've let them explore out of the box, which I believe I need to do more of.  I'm working on it, anyway.

So, this afternoon I'll work on straightening up our house again, but I think I'll leave some toys around, just to remind myself that it's OKAY to just let it go sometimes=)
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