Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Timely Imaginations

I'm just wondering if anyone else's children have the sweetest and cutest imaginations when it's time to get ready for bed?!

It is 7:30, normally by this time we are in our jammies and about to have our family devotion time but Rainy and Zeke are being so doggon cute that I just can't bring myself to tell them to stop playing so sweet and start getting ready for bed=)

Tonight they have been glueing little eyeballs on paper to make monsters, going to restaurants in every room of the house and coming back to me and telling me if "that's a bad one" or not, cleaning up their toys in pocket books (yes, Zeke too!) to go to meetings, playing in the elevator (their bathroom), going to the zoo and petting all sorts of imaginary animals and putting their babies in bed...waking them up...tucking them in again...

Do your kids do this?  

Confession time:  How long will you go before you just have to put an end to the cuteness and finally put them in bed?
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