Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shoes But No Shoes

Josh and I were getting the kids ready for an outing last night when we realized that Zeke's shoes were too small.  Zeke kept saying, "My big toe hotes!"  So, I went under his bed to check out the bin of hand-me-downs ready for the taking.  I pulled out a pair of shoes and tried them on to no avail.  Then, we tried on another pair with STILL no luck!  We found out he has 2 pairs of sandals for the spring/summer and FINALLY found 1 pair to finish out the winter.  I think he must have skipped a whole size during that springy week last week.  

Now, if only I could get ahold of this laundry crisis and find some "gender-friendly" socks for him=)  (I hope nobody noticed his purple socks in the grocery store today!)
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