Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day

We have a fun tradition in our house for Valentine's Day.  I got it from my mom from when I was growing up and I have carried it on with our family.  We make our own conversation hearts and put them around the house.  

I usually just think of cute little sayings like on the candy hearts that you find in the store and put them around but this year I did something a little different.  I started with one heart that says "I love it when..." on Josh's alarm clock, and then on all the other hearts around the house I would tell him some things that I love about him.  

For the kids I made a heart path for them to follow when they woke up and decorated the kitchen for our pancake breakfast.  I also decided to put a reminder on the fireplace of things that Jesus loves so we can work extra hard today on those things like "sharing" and "obeying with happy hearts", etc.

I also confiscated Josh's blog today.  You can read a few reasons why I love this man HERE!

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