Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Reason Why We Do What We Do

I just watched this video on Heather's blog and my heart ached immediately.  This is just another reason why we do what we do.  Josh  & Tasha Via Ministries partners with Arise Africa, a mission based organization in Uganda, Africa.  We have had the privilege to go there personally many times and Josh's parents take a team every summer.  When you buy ANY merchandise, whether it is a CD or Josh's Devotional Book (all linked on the sidebar) the proceeds don't go in our pockets.  A portion of it goes to buy more merchandise and helps fund other projects and mission trips but a percentage of everything YOU buy goes directly to Arise Africa to help their pastors and orphans like you just saw in this video.  Wow, you have to watch this.  Your life will be changed!
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