Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh Yeah, I Was Browning The Meat For Dinner!!!

My kids should have been fast asleep by the time I got back in from my walk but apparently neither of them were very interested in sleeping, even though Zeke, especially, NEEDED a nap.  I ended up putting both of them in the playroom for a little bit of time because I had some work to get done.  Zeke was constantly fussing about something though.  I was in the middle of browning stew meat for dinner when I heard a "ruckus" and needed to go intervene.  After I solved the issue I went to go check my e-mail and that lead to reading a few blogs and...oh yeah, the memory of being in the middle of something...hmmmm...

OH YEAH I was browning meat...and now it was BURNED!!!  As if the smoke-filled living room weren't enough of a reminder, ha!

Then, I went to go switch some laundry and pushed over my over-flowing basket of clean clothes that I have yet to fold so I could put my wet clothes in the dryer to find the dryer FULL of MORE CLEAN CLOTHES!  

I cannot keep up!  My pregnant brain IS NOT functioning properly, or maybe it is!;)

My mom says I'm being too hard on myself so I'm trying to laugh about all the meat I just burned, the wet clothes in the washer that now smell like mildew, the OB appointed that I completely forgot about this week and all the other half-done projects around the house that I keep forgetting I'm in the middle of=)

Now, what was I just doing?
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