Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Baby In The House

Areyna and Zeke's imaginations have been running wild this week.  Zeke has been crawling around and pretending to fuss like a baby.  Then he crawls over to Rainy and says "Hold you Rainy" which means, "I want you to hold me".  Areyna then proceeds to act like his mommy.  It is hilarious to watch them.  They had been playing this ALL morning today so it shouldn't have surprised me to find this when I walked in to get them after room-time...

Zeke was in his "bathtub" with his baby bib on=)
Areyna was feeding him (yes, that IS a penny)
Now she's giving him a drink
What will they think of next=)

***Thank you all for your advice to help Zeke.  He is acting MUCH better today.  I must say that the picture at the top of yesterday's post was taken last year to show how bad his snotty nose was.  That is why he is so attached to his "bubby" (blanket) now.  We carried one around with him the whole first year and a half of his life to wipe that runny nose!  So, it isn't actually that bad right now, Thank Goodness!
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