Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Think It's Safe To Say...

...that I am getting older=)  I am still recovering from the LATE nights and early mornings from last weekends retreat.  It doesn't help that I'm already exhausted from being pregnant=)  I started getting that feeling you get when you have to eat right away or you'll get sick.  Well, this one was, I have got to sleep right away or I'm REALLY gonna get sick!  Not fun.  It was a GREAT weekend though!!!  I know that I was challenged in several areas for sure.  I'm sure Josh will give a recap soon, we're just waiting for some pictures.

Today has been full of successes!  I was thankful for a little motivation from the snow yesterday to get me going=)

I got a shower and got dressed before lunch, I got a grocery list together, went to the store, rang up, remembered all my coupons (I got all the way to the checkout with my buggy full of food last week before I realized that I had forgotten ALL my coupons, ugh), put the groceries away AND have a menu planned for the rest of the week.  None of these things have happened in a very long time=)

Checking things off my list sure feels good=)  What do you have to check off your list this week?
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