Thursday, December 4, 2008

I WANT More Covers!!!

Zeke has been going through this stage that just seems like it WILL NOT end!

Here is what happens...

Josh and I are sound asleep when we are awakened from our slumber to yelling, screaming and banging on the door (how Areyna can sleep through it all is beyond me).  It really begins when Zeke wakes up and realizes that he is twisted up in his covers.  His first reaction is to jump out of bed and then he's mad at himself for getting up and not knowing how to get back under the covers, then it just escalates when Josh and I refuse to go in and help him because we have showed him, helped him and taught him to do it by himself.

Here is a sample conversation with Zeke before we leave his room for the night.

Me - "Nite-nite Zeke.  I Love you"

Zeke - "I love you too mommy"

Me - "Zeke, now you know you MAY NOT YELL, you MAY NOT SCREAM, and you MAY NOT BANG ON THE DOOR for mommy and daddy to come put covers on after right now because you need to do it by your..."

Zeke - "...self"

Me - "Yes ma'am?"

Zeke - "yes ma'am!"

I'm not quite sure what the problem is.  We have even had to give him "consequences" in the middle of the night because he just will not settle down and he is so worked up about it.

So, we have tried EVERYTHING!  I have tried slicker covers that are easier to slide up by himself, I've tried smaller covers, bigger covers, doubling up covers...  

Josh had a brilliant idea last night though!  He got a big blanket/quilt from our hall closet and he completely covered Zeke's bed and tucked it all under Zeke's mattress.  After Zeke slid in his covers last night he couldn't budge he was tucked in so tight.  In fact, the covers hadn't even moved by the time we went and got the kids up this morning.  I think we've finally found the trick=)
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