Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Calling All Plumbers, Or At Least Someone Who Knows Something About Refrigerators

We made it home yesterday.  Shew, I'm exhausted.  We made it right in time to put the kids down for a short nap and frantically unpack and try to get as much done in the office as we could before heading over to our friends house for a Christmas Eve Planning Meeting.

I love being home, although I never know what to expect from the kids the first night back.  Besides the normal stuff, like Zeke screaming for covers in the middle of the night, it was pretty uneventful ... until 5am.  We heard this awful screeching sound that woke both of us up.  It was our ice maker and it sounded like something electrical with the water in the freezer.  It made me a little nervous.  We shook it and banged on it until it stopped.  (Isn't that what you're supposed to do=))  We noticed that the ice in the bin was just big chunks of melted water that was refrozen.  We thought it was fine so we just took the ice bin out to thaw it and start over.

Fast forward a couple of hours.  I walk into the kitchen to a big puddle around the rug at the foot of the refrigerator.  The temperature seems fine in the refrigerator but it is leaking now.  What in the world?!

Does anybody know what we should do or what's going on?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated=)
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