Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well, today I'm...

Yesterday we had a busy day.  We had a couple of overdubs to finish in the studio from the live recording.  We went to the studio first thing in the morning and then we jumped in the car to drive to Columbia, SC.  Josh's sister, Joy, had a vocal recital that Josh and I accompanied for last night.  She did a great job by the way=)  Anyway, we had to get on the road right after she did her 3 songs because Areyna had a Thanksgiving Feast at her school this morning.  We made it home right at 10pm and of course the kids didn't sleep at all on the way home so they were a little cranky this morning.  

So, after having such a full day yesterday we have a lot to get done before we can head out of town to Josh's parents house in VA in the morning.

Here's what I've been frantically working on...

...stuffing the newsletter, washing clothes, folding clothes, packing, giving a couple of lessons, fixing food for Areyna's Thanksgiving feast for her school, playing with the kids, getting all the paperwork together to renew our kids insurance, working on bank deposits, trying to clean up this disaster area called OUR HOUSE=)  Oh yeah, and finding a cute new blog background.  Now you know that is important;)

We are SO ready for THANKSGIVING.

OK, I'm off to go check a few more items from my list!
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