Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

I was just awarded my first blogger award for Kreativ Blogger by Living Balanced.   Upon receiving this award I get to name 6 things that make me happy and then pass the award on to 6 here 'goes=)

1-Pepsi - Josh and I rarely buy soda, but I just crave the soothing bubbles sometimes, ya know?

2-Candles - I love how just a scent can bring back such sweet memories.  I also love the relaxed mood that candles add to a cozy house...

3-My Family - It's true.  They bring me so much joy!  God couldn't have blessed me with a better, sweeter family=)

4-Leading Worship With My Husband

5-Window Days - especially in the FALL!

6-Friends - you know, the kind that just get you!

Here are 6 creative bloggers that I'm gonna tag:
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