Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Princess And A Pumpkin

This weekend Josh and I loaded up the van with our band and headed up to Richmond, VA to play for Grace Community Baptist Church.  Josh's friend Ed is the youth pastor and he wanted to do a night focused on the heart of worship.  What an AMAZING night!!

Our friends Wes and Jenn generously offered to take our kids while we were gone.  They have a little boy named Owen who is a little younger than Rainy.  They kids had a blast playing together and dressing up to go trunk-or-treating!  We couldn't do what we do without friends like these!  Thanks guys!!!

Areyna, Palin, McCain & Zeke=)

Areyna, Zeke & Owen

My Princess and her Pumpkin

*Sorry if this is short and if there are tons of misspelled words=)  We left around 10am and didn't get in until around 6:30.  
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