Friday, October 24, 2008

Integrity Worship Conference

Paul Baloche during one of the seminars.
(Now, I'll be completely embarrassed if he were to ever read this, 
but doesn't his base player look like Joey Tribbiani from "Friends"?  
I could have sworn I was watching a newly converted Joey up there worshipping all night during the concert!)

Josh and I have been attending the Integrity Worship Conference here in Charlotte.  It's the first worship conference that I've been able to go to with Josh (he tries to go to a conference one time a year).  Anyway, it has been incredible to see the hearts of these worship leaders and musicians.  The underlying theme that I've totally picked up on is that Worship is not the music we play or the words we sing, it is a lifestyle.  I'll try to get some key things I've learned on here for you soon=)  We've been able to meet all the worship leaders; Paul Baloche, Joel Auge, Glenn Packiam, Dr. Pete Sanchez and Jared Anderson.  They are so down to earth and sincere.

Zeke will be thrilled we met the guy (Jared Anderson) who wrote Counting On God since that is one of his favorites=)

It has been good to be a part of this with Josh but I'm ready to have my sweet kids back!  We're going to get them after the morning sessions...

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