Monday, October 27, 2008


Joy, Godfrey and Josh

Wow, what a fulfilling weekend!  We left the conference on Friday afternoon and headed straight to Knightdale where our kids were.  As soon as naps were over we packed up the kids and drove to Raleigh, where another one of Josh's brothers lives, and had a cookout with Godfrey and Joy Wanamitsa from Arise Africa in Uganda, Africa.  They are like family.  Josh lived with them in Uganda for a summer before we got married.  They lead a GREAT ministry there.

Then, we got up the next morning and headed over to Uncle Pal and Aunt Jenn's house for a QUICK visit.  

Then, we headed over to visit our friends Cam and Lynn Wooten.  They have an AMAZING story of Cam's battle with leukemia.  They look back and see how God orchestrated the whole event and used it for His glory!  It was SOOO good to see them.

We got home late, which means the kids went to sleep LATE, only to wake them back up at 6:30am to get to Carmel to lead worship for their 2 early contemporary services then head over to our home church for the GRAND OPENING of the new building.  

After a LONG nap we went back up to church for CharlotteONE rehearsal for the CD Release on Tuesday!

What a GREAT weekend for us!!  What did you do this weekend?
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