Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where Is All The Gas????

We've been riding out tanks down to "E" a lot lately because of, well, many reasons, but we were on dead empty last night.  Josh left to go Uptown to CharlotteONE last night and passed our gas station right by our house thinking, "Oh, I'll just get gas on the way there".  Little did he know that Charlotte is completely OUT OF GAS everywhere else!!!!  He drove 45 min. and saw absolutely NO gas.  He said he would have been there at 6:30 if he wouldn't have had to drive around for an extra 30 minutes looking for ANY PLACE with some gas!  It's a little scary, since we make a living ON THE ROAD!!

On the news I saw a video of one car actually pushing another car from behind just to get it into the gas station.  People were running out of gas just waiting in the ridiculously LONG lines at the pump!

Do you have gas where you live?  How much is it? 
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