Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It is Wed. morning and we've had a great week so far...

Rainy's favorite things so far are riding "oh so fast" on the boat and in the inner-tube, holding intelligent conversations around the dinner table with the other 5 kids (she is the oldest grandkid of 6 kids that are here), going fishing and playing in the mud at the bank of the lake.

Zeke's favorite things are watching the other kids go riding in the inner-tube, watching the other kids swim, letting Areyna and Cana cover him in mud at the bank of the lake, holding dead fish that he's found and eating everyone's food.

Josh's favorite things are reading, going diving for treasure, reading, fishing with Zeke, reading, being with his whole family, taking the boat out for a spin, and reading.

My favorite things so far are laying out, riding on the boat, laying out, not having to cook every night (we are each responsible for 1 dinner for the week and we have already done ours), reading, swimming with the kids and eating my favorite things that are in overabundace here this week.

I'll post some pictures later=)
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