Sunday, August 10, 2008

Couple Questions

We are home!! The kids are finally in bed and Josh and I are watching the Olympics.  I love watching the Olympics.  This is the only time I have the TV on all day, even if I'm not necessarily watching it all day.  It's so exciting to me.  

Anyway, swimming is currently on and Josh and I have a couple questions that maybe you can answer.

1 - How in the world do the swimmers breathe while doing the backstroke with all that water in their faces?

2 - How do the swimmers not run into each other?  I've never even seen anyone hit those floating divider lines.  This coming from someone who ran into a cement wall as a pre-teen while swimming under water.  Let's just say that swimming is NOT a gift that I've been blessed with=)

3 - Why don't they have more flattering bathing suites for the women swimmers?  Just wondering=)
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