Friday, July 25, 2008

The Bug Killer Is Back

Zeke finally woke up around 11 yesterday morning and ate 3 bowls of cereal (he doesn't even eat that much cereal on a good day).  Thanks everybody for your advice and prayer.  Anyway, he has still had a slight fever off and on but is acting like our little Zeke again, running around singing, playing air guitar and catching bugs.

Zeke LOVES bugs, especially rolly pollys which he calls "polly polly pollys".  It has been overcast and cool (well, coolER) so I took the kids outside to play before roomtime this morning.  Areyna and I had to rescue a flying ant from drowning in our water table and then she spent the remainder of the time helping it find its mommy and daddy and telling it which direction its home was in.  Zeke on the other hand just wanted to hold him and carry him around or take him for rides on his tricycle.  The only problem with this is that he doesn't realize his own strength while playing with bugs and eventually Rainy has to come up and tell me, "Oh no, mommy, Zeke broke another bug".  So, I closely monitored the situation so Rainy's ant wouldn't "break" between my 2-year olds chubby little fingers=)
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