Sunday, July 27, 2008

Potential Problem

Josh has a gift of making up fun songs to a familiar tune.  This little trick makes even the most mundane tasks, like brushing teeth, cleaning up toys and yes, even going potty, seem fun to our kids.  

Well, our kid's favorite song of the summer is Happy Day by Tim Hughes.  And Josh made up a mighty nice little chorus for Areyna a couple days ago.

"Oh, happy day, happy day, you flushed my poop away."

Joy and I laughed like crazy the first time we heard Areyna walking around singing it. 

After I got Rainy ready for church and we sat down to eat breakfast (yes, we got to have breakfast at our own kitchen table this Sunday morning.  We didn't have to use one of THESE=), she started singing this little tune.  Once again, not a big deal, until she starts singing that around church somewhere or even worse, while we are up leading it one Sunday and Josh forgets the REAL words=)
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