Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not The Average Prayer

Most of the time when I pray for my children it is for future decisions they will be making down the road.  For example, Josh and I continually pray for their salvation and for their future mate.  We pray that our Areyna Joy will bring Peace and Joy like her name means and that Zeke will be a strong leader and hold strong to His faith!  

But, while I was having my quiet time this morning I realized that NOW is the time that I should start praying my children through their sinful desires and struggles that they are going through today.  No matter how "little" they seem.  I guess I just never thought about praying about Areyna's bossy and selfish tendencies.  I never thought too much about lifting up Zeke's bad temper.  I don't want to wait until those pre-teen or teenage years when the "tough" times come.  My kids need my prayers now, more than ever, because they still have yet to KNOW our Heavenly Father and the power of prayer, so it is my job to pray them through these struggles they are going through today.  

So, today I prayed a different prayer for my children.  
"God, please help Areyna to somehow see that she needs to give to Zeke instead of take away.  Give her a sensitivity to Zeke and his creative ideas for playing.  Help her to obey her mommy and daddy so that it will go well with her.  Thank you for her tender spirit.  Thank you for her sensitivity to emotions."
"Lord, thank you for Zeke's strong will.  I pray that you will funnel that in a positive way.  Help me not to quench his spirit but guide it.  Give him patience with the tasks he tries to do and help him realize that I am here to help him if he can't get something the first time."

What a blessing my children are.  I hope I never forget to pray for the little things that they are going through.
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