Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It Never Happened

It's been a week now since we got back from our Hungary trip and "IT" still hasn't happened.  The dreaded "transition time".  You know, after you've been gone or the schedule is different and you start getting back into the regular swing of things.  My kids are the worst!  So I was completely expecting melt-down city when Josh and I got back to my parents house.  But it NEVER happened.  Wow!  My parents did exactly what we do.  They continued to make them say please and thank you, they continued to have room time everyday and the days went on as usual, just in a different house and with a few added fun activities like parks, zoos, etc.  It helped that Josh and I were there for a couple of days before and after the big transitions, so it went more smoothly.  Another reason is because my mom can tolerate their whining just about as much as I can, which is NOT AT ALL=)  This was a special time for all of us.  Josh and I had a GREAT time in Hungary without the kids and my parents got to spend some good, quality, alone time with Rainy and Zeke for the first time since we live so far away from each other.  My parents support us 100% of the time in more ways than one, but this was such a practical way to help us continue to "DO" and "GO" as the Lord leads.  Thanks mom and dad!!
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