Friday, May 23, 2008

What Helps You Sleep?

I was just laying in bed, tossing and turning, going through my mental check-list of what I could have possibly done to make me so wired at 1:30 in the morning.  

1-Some people get a high when they go shopping.  For me, it's getting rid of "stuff".  I like to consolidate and organize (and re-organize) and "toss".  So, maybe I'm still so thrilled that I got rid of 2 old lamps (1 of which I'm sure is a fire hazard by now), 2 big trash bags full of misc. items which included unused baby/kids items, like Rainy's old feather blanket which I never saw feathers coming out of in the first place but whenever I'd go to vacuum under her bed an inch of feather build-up would be staring me in my face as if to say, go ahead and try to sweep me up.  I'll just float to the other side of the room! Ha!  Also included were a pair of shelves that Josh HATED putting up because they were impossible to get even.

2-Caffeine?  Nope, my personal cut-off for that stuff is about 4pm or so.  Josh would love for me to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him at night but I have to remind him that he's staying up with me so I'll have someone to talk to all night=)  He quickly changes the subject.

3-Exercise?  I've got 2 toddlers so I think I'm good in that area.  They turn off around 8pm so I've not done anything too strenuous since then.

4-Maybe God's trying to tell me something.  Hmmm.  I prayed a little and definitely don't think this is one of those "spiritual" awakenings tonight.

5-I've found that if I push myself down toward the end of the bed and hang my feet off the edge I sleep better.  

6-I've got ALL my pillows.  One for the head and one between my knees.  You should see my bedtime "station" I set up when I'm pregnant.  I've got like 5 pillows surrounding me.  It takes forever to get in position.

7-Banana?  Yup, had one of those.  I have Restless Leg Syndrome and a banana usually helps with that.  Not tonight.

8-List?  I have an on-going list.  Somehow my mind goes into overdrive about the things I've got to get done the next day while I'm trying to get to sleep, so I write it on the list so I KNOW I won't forget it.

9-I do have company coming tomorrow night.  I'm so excited my sister, her husband and their 3 kids (the baby whom I've not even met yet!) are driving down from the DC area.  They've not been to our house in years so we're pretty stoked.

I can't possibly think of what is keeping me up, so I'm going to go try again.  Maybe I'll sip on a warm cup of Cozy Chamomile Tea.  What keeps you up at night or helps ensure a good night's sleep?
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