Friday, May 23, 2008

Things That Only Happen When You Are TOO Tired

1 - You make chicken and cheese quesadillas...without the cheese

2 - You choose to use your ugly voice with your 3 year old for "touching" you under the dinner table and threaten her with "consequences" if she does it again

3 - You fall asleep outside under the hot sun...OUCH!

4 - Your kids decide that THIS is the day they want to invade your personal space while following your every move around the whole house...VERY CLOSELY

5 - You have to go back to read your sent messages because you can't remember if you e-mailed the list of people you had on your to-do list

6 - Zeke only wants to play the drums on all the hard surfaces around the house

7 - Your 2 year old decides that he is going to use your white chair cushion for a drawing board instead of paper, like he knows he is supposed to.
Yes, that was my chair after Zeke put the pens to work on his new canvas. I tried my Tide To Go pen...Nothing. Then I remembered that I bought 2 Magic Erasers for practically nothing at the grocery store and also remembered my friend Jenn's post about her little girl's "canvas" and decided to try these Magic Erasers. Jenn said I was going to get addicted. After it instantaneously removed the blue and pink pen marks from my chair I went around the kitchen wiping up coffee stains from the counter tops and splattered food off the walls.

8 - If I wasn't so tired today Josh wouldn't have INSISTED that I take a mandatory "time-out" and I wouldn't have seen him work with the kids to get the kitchen cleaned after dinner. He helped Areyna load the dishwasher and get it started and then helped Zeke take out all the cans to the recycling bin. He's such a good dad=)
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