Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What Am I Doing Right Now?

I'm glad you asked.  I am currently waiting and listening.  Why, you ask again?  Well, we upgraded beds last night.  The rotation begins.  Areyna is now in my twin bed that I grew up in and Zeke has Rainy's toddler bed.  The first night was not successful at all.  I am just wondering why the first "consequence" of the evening was for Areyna, the 3-year old, you know the one that's supposed to be the good example.  For some reason she must have thought that she had to set the tone, I guess, because she was the first one out of bed.  Hmmm.  After Zeke had 2 chances he was put back in his pack-n-play for the night.  I wasn't even about to play with my precious nap time so we are just going to stick to practicing at night time.  Oh wait, hold on a minute...
I'm back.  Zeke just had his last try and is now in the pack-n-play for the night.  He was in the dresser pulling out his outfit for tomorrow=)  At least he made it longer tonight.
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