Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Take-Away and a Get-Away

Well, the women's conference went GREAT.   One thing that I'm gonna try to do is get a little notebook and start memorizing whole books of the Bible.  I want to know THAT BOOK inside and out!  Ruth talked about how she will go walking every morning and take her little notebook with her that she has started writing verses in.  What else is there to do while getting in a little exercise than to memorize scripture.  I've been learning short passages and verses that have been helping me with parenting, but I want to learn big chunks.  Anyway, that is my little takeaway from the conference.  You can check out Josh's blog to get more of the details about our packed weekend.  
We got home late yesterday afternoon.  The kids did great on the trip home because they were asleep 10 min. down the road and they slept all the way home (straight through lunch).  This morning I woke up and went to my last Bible Study of the season.  I love those ladies=)  It's been a relaxing day.  I even went and got in a CVS trip on my way out to my study this morning.  I got a big bag of baby wipes, some razors, a toothbrush, some toothpaste and some Tylenol for under $2.  That always makes me in a good mood=)  We have no plans for the rest of the day, except for our lessons which will be here any minute, but that doesn't take long.  Then, we'll do laundry tonight and pack up to leave for Raleigh tomorrow.  We are playing at Josh's brother's church called Journey Church, on Mother's Day.  But first, my friends Kelly and Jenn and I are heading up to IKEA for a little Mother's Day get-away.  I love that store and can't wait for some quality girl-time with some friends (actually family) that I miss dearly.  Since traveling is part of my job description I wouldn't normally call a "trip" a vacation, but going to IKEA with some best friends...that's worth it!=)
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