Saturday, May 31, 2008

Find What Works

Yesterday during nap time I'm not sure where my kids went.  See, within 3 days of Zeke getting into his big boy bed they had it down.  It was such a quick transition...until yesterday.  I know they just naturally go through these stages, but they have crossed the line.  I think they were overly tired which lead to way too much energy for a nap.  It was awful!  We ended up separating them just to get them to calm down.  Zeke had to be put back in his pack-n-play because he simply could not stay in bed.  Joy, Josh's sister who is living with us this summer, must have seen the exhaustion on my face during dinner and suggested Josh and I head out for a little quality time together.  We very rarely get this opportunity so we jumped on it.  We didn't go far and we didn't do any regular "date" things, but we had so much fun.  We headed over to Starbucks, of course, to sit and relax for a little bit, walked over to CVS to get next weeks add so I can pull my coupons together=), drove down to the Monroe mall (now that place is hoppin' on Friday night), and went over to check out the future Monroe campus for Southbrook Church, then we finished up at Shomars for a milkshake and our semi-annual business meeting (Shhh, I think I am in love with my boss).  We made a list, yes I'm still a list girl, of the things we need to get done before we head out of the country to Hungry on the 9th.   Anyway, we got home and I didn't even have to ask Joy how the kids did about staying in bed.  She gave me a look and pointed to "Bubby" and Bear sitting on the ottoman.  It was a rough night to say the least, but we HAD to be consistent.  Having these 2 precious things taken away from them is way worse than any other "consequences" at this time in their lives. They stayed in bed the rest of the night and have been playing like angels today.  I wonder if I'll have to sleep with Bear and "bubby" again tonight=)
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