Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where Are We Going?

Usually I don't take a shower until around lunch time or so because I try to do some pilates or some kind of exercise during the kids room time and I hate taking more than one shower and having to get ready more than one time a day.  (Josh just doesn't understand why girls can't just hop in and out of the shower in 10 min. and be ready for the day=))  But Tuesdays are different.  I have to be at Bible Study by 9:30 am and get back for my first violin lesson at 1 then get ready for CharlotteONE (if we are leading that week) and then a couple more lessons that afternoon before leaving for CharlotteONE, not to mention getting the kids stuff packed up for a night with a sitter.  All that said to make the point that I was up and dressed before the kids got up.  I walked in to get the kids up this morning and Areyna said "Where are we going mom?"  It's pretty bad when the only time we get out of our jammies before lunch is because we have to be somewhere=)
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