Friday, March 7, 2008

Why Am I Exhausted? OR How Can We Keep Them Awake?

Zeke, trying to keep his eyes open and hold on to his animal cracker.

Is it because we woke up at a 4:45am this morning to get ready to play for The Greater Charlotte Teacher Convention for Christian Schools? No or course not.
Is it the fact that we packed 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, clothes, extra clothes, instruments, merchandise, high chair, diaper bags, bear, "bubby" (Zeke's blanket), toys, DVD's and player, etc.? Well, maybe.
Maybe it was the fact that we went to a McDonald's playground between sets and I have set a quite a standard for myself on this kind of equipment. This is very possible.
Could it be because we are just now arriving home at 3:30pm? Nope
How about this...
The kids ended up coming with us and the band to play for the conference today and they did GREAT! Man, I wouldn't exchange my kids for any other kids in the world=) But the first meltdown started at about 2pm when we were packing up to leave and it was downhill from there. I knew they were exhausted and would be asleep before we got them strapped into their car seats since we pulled them out of their beds at 6am this morning (they normally don't get out of bed until around 9am) and put them straight in the car. But, we know from experience that a short nap, no matter how peaceful it is at the time, is ALL WE GET if we let it happen. It was a fight at the beginning. Zeke's eyes were rolling in the back of his head as soon as we turned the car on. I was desperate to keep the kids awake, knowing that I didn't have the energy, nor the patience to keep up with them the rest of the afternoon without a break myself. I pulled out a box of animal crackers and gave one to Zeke, which under any normal circumstances would have been like water in a desert to him, but it was no use. He couldn't even keep the cracker grasped inside his chubby little fingers. His eyes began to roll again, so we rolled the windows down, it was only sprinkling, found the only CD that would work, no, Praise Baby just would NOT suffice at a time like this, it was just going to have to be the absolutely worst rockin' Christmas mixes of all time, and danced like crazy. That is why I am exhausted!! But the good news is, we kept our kids awake until we got home and they are quietly sleeping as we speak. I'm think I'M gonna take a little nap too=)
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