Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yesterday Was A Given, Fun At McDonalds OR You Are Just Plain Stupid

I've stressed this before and here I am repeating myself again, the first day back from being out of town is, to say the least, TERRIBLE. It was melt-down city around here yesterday, and I'm not just talking about the kids=) But for some reason, today has been hardly any different. We decided to go to the Sat. evening service at church this weekend so we could have a Sunday off (no silly, not from church, but from leading worship anywhere). Well, it is still really wet outside from the rain and it was pretty cold, no, not as cold as North Dakota (Emily J.) thankfully, but enough to make me not want to go out there. So, we decided to take the kids to a McDonalds in Monroe with a really cool play area. The kids had a blast! I have two things to talk about here.
First of all, a fire truck and an ambulance pulled up while we were eating. Apparently, something happened to someone near the bathroom. All I saw was someone on the ground and the stretcher. Seconds after the medics walk in with the stretcher a couple was about to sit down with their food, not knowing that anything was out of the ordinary. Until, they turned around and saw the commotion. Here's the catcher though, they picked up their trays and moved to the table right in front of the bathrooms. Not only that, the guy kept standing up, while he was eating, to get a better look. Now, I'm just as nosy as anyone else when tragedy happens. I mean, we all want to see what happened or know what's going on...but really!?!
and most important, I got the urge to play on the playground with Areyna. Don't worry, for those of you who know how much of a stickler for rules I am, I read the sign carefully and it said parents were allowed. So, as soon as Areyna took off inside a tunnel I went in after her and surprised her. It was just like in the movies. "Where Are We Going, To The Pink Slide". Tunnel, Watch Tower, Slide...Tunnel, Watch Tower, Slide. (sorry if you're lost. You should really go rent the new Dora movie=) So anyway, I really think it meant a lot to Areyna for me to enter her world and play with her in there. Afterward she said "Mommy, I'm so thankful to you" followed by a huge smile and several "I Love You"s.
Josh put a video together of our first trip down the big pink slide. She was pretty proud of me=)

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