Sunday, March 2, 2008

Princess Party

Cana, Areyna and Zeke
Areyna and her new Beta fish "Nemo"
Zeke and his cool earings

Yes, Areyna asked for a Princess Party. I have always been more of the tom-boy type so I'm not sure where Rainy has gotten this girly-girl streak, but she sure does make a beautiful princess. Her cousins, Cana and Kayil, came with several Aunts, Uncles and her Meme and Poppie. They all drove in on Fri. night and all 4 of the kids stayed in Rainy and Zeke's room. Pretty funny that we crammed them all into the smallest room of the house=) In the morning, Areyna woke up and seemed pretty shy and actually a little upset. I asked her what she was sad about and she said "I don't want to have a Birthday Party" and then later she said "I don't want to open Birthday Presents". I told her we could do whatever she wanted to and we could even open presents after everyone left and she looked relieved. Instead of calling it Rainy's birthday party, we just called it family togetherness time. I most definitely know where she gets this from. Neither of us like to be the center of attention, it actually makes me downright nauseous! After Areyna warmed up to the party we all had a lot of fun. Zeke had fun playing dress-up, putting sticker earrings on, and carrying Areyna's new pocket book around with her princess cell phone. What are we going to do with him=)
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