Sunday, March 16, 2008

Anything To Make Him Happy

We had a great morning at Parkwood in Gastonia.  Zeke slept for about 30min. on the way home and we were home just long enough to freshen up and reload for Ridge Church tonight, which was also awesome.  Because of the long trip home early this afternoon and band practice later this afternoon there wasn't time for the kids to get a nap.  Areyna usually does pretty good without a nap, as long as we don't have any sudden changes and we prepare for transitions well in advance=)  I knew Zeke would have problems but what can ya do?  Well, Zeke was wandering around aimlessly as we packed up our gear after the service while he randomly broke out in tears, he was just soooo tired.  Poor guy.  As we loaded up the car we went ahead and strapped Zeke in his car seat, tears and all, and put Areyna in the car.  The next thing I heard was priceless..."Zeke, I will sit here and make you happy".  Areyna was sitting on the seat in the car between their carseats and handing Zeke 1 toy at a time (we keep a basket of  "car" toys for road trips in the car).  As soon as he'd get bored with one she had another one so he wouldn't cry.  Then she said "Here Zeke, you want to eat this one?".  She was scrounging around the crevices of the backseat looking for "snacks".  This is all good...except for the fact that we haven't vacuumed out the car in about 2 months and it isn't hard to imagine all the "leftovers" from the countless happy meals and other meals we eat in our car as we travel=)
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