Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's That Time Again

Every morning the kids have what we call "room time". When they were younger it was "quiet time" in their pack-n-play with a basket of toys and/or books and they would play quietly for an extended amount of time. Now I put them in their playroom aound 10am for about an hour and shut the door. They know they can only call out to me if they see blood or if they have to go to the bathroom. (i.e. Yesterday Josh heard Areyna telling Zeke over and over, "You're leakin' out Bud, You're leakin' out Bud". Josh discovered that Zeke wanted to be "naked baby" so Areyna had helped him take his jammies off and he was playing in just his diaper, which wouldn't have been a problem except for the fact that he had a blowout and was "leakin' out" everywhere. That would have probably been a good time for Areyna to call out to me BEFORE he proceeded to spread his surprise around the room). Anyway, this is my time to work out, get a shower or finish my quiet time if I haven't already done so. They are both old enough to be in room time together now and for the most part they get along GREAT. The other day I walked into the room when room time was over and this is what I saw. They had emptied out all the toy baskets and climbed in so Areyna could read books to Zeke. It was so cute.

Oh yeah, it's that time again. CharlotteONE tonight @ 7pm. See you there!!!!!
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