Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Only Paid TEN CENTS For Diapers Today

Yes, you read me correctly, ten cents. I stumbled across this website/blog last night and was blown away at all the secrets about shopping wisely. I've mentioned The Grocery Game before and I'll mention it again. In conjunction to getting the Harris Teeter list every week I signed up to get the CVS list as well (only an additional $.68/week). This Is Why!! I've been getting these coupons from CVS for almost 2 years called ECB's and I never really knew what they were so I've just been throwing them away. Well, I figured it out last night! I'm not even about to explain it all to you, just click HERE to get the low down. I put a small list together last night and my only IMMEDIATE NEED was diapers, since we were down to 1 diaper and that can only be stretched for so long=)
My list consisted of items that all had receipt rewards added with coupons from the paper - all of which I use, need or will need in the mere future. I didn't pay full price for a single item and the shampoo was absolutely FREE. Here's the list...
1 bottle of Excedrin Extra Strength
1 bottle of Excedrin Migrane
1 bottle of Garnier Fructis Shampoo
1 bottle of Flinstones multivitamins for Rainy
1 bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer
1 bottle of 1 A Day -Women's Multivitamins
1 bottle of 1 A Day - All Day Energy Multivitamins
TOTAL after coupons and sales $27.38 (with a savings of $27.50) ----- PLUS I got a $10 ECB and $2 ECB to use on my diapers along with my coupon.

Diapers on sale with coupon and ECB TOTAL $.10!! (I saved almost $12 just buying diapers plus I still have my $2 ECB to use next week)

It pays to save. Josh and I will be able to have a GOOD Valentine's Day this year with ALL the extra money we've saved...just kidding, but it is pretty exciting!
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