Friday, January 18, 2008

On The Road Again

I had such a good birthday yesterday. I saw snow, I didn't run out to the store for a single thing, I didn't change 1 poopie diaper, we got to drop the kids off for a date night (thanks Dan and Raina, Areyna definitely didn't want to leave last night and I think Zeke could have danced with Barbie all night). Josh took me out to eat and then we hung out, just the 2 of us=) Today I am trying to pack our family up because we are heading out to Oak Island at Ft. Caswell for a Winter Conference. We'll be leading worship of course and Josh will also be teaching 3 sessions. If you think about it, please pray that Rainy and Zeke will behave themselves so we can focus on our mission there and not of fussy babies, because as we speak they are trying my patience as we try to get out the door.

P.S. My sister-in-law and her 2 little ones came to visit us last week. We had a BLAST. Let me just break it down for you...Areyna isn't even 3 yet, Cana is 8 months younger than Areyna, Zeke is 8 months younger than Cana and Kayil is 8 months old. We had 4 kids here under 3 years old. You can see more pictures on Kelly's Blog and read a little more about the week, but I just had to share this picture. Here is Areyna and Cana sitting at the big girl table eating lunch!!

A special thanks goes out to the Singletons. Pastor Rob and his wife Michelle had us over for breakfast last Saturday morning and his daughter gave Areyna 2 of her dancing outfits that no longer fit her. They saved the day a couple of time with the girls. THANK YOU Julianna!
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