Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Doctors Affirmation

On New Year's Eve I started getting really dizzy. The next 2 days were TERRIBLE. My body ached and hurt so bad that I could hardly move, my head throbbed and pounded in weird places, the kids talking sounded like they were screaming through a megaphone and the little bit of light shining through the clouds felt like I was staring into a flashlight. It was miserable. Then, I woke up and it was gone. Josh and Zeke proceeded to get the same symptoms and they were gone in a couple of days. But, as soon as I thought we were all over it I began getting the sensitivity back to my skin and then full-blown dizziness and faintness. It is the weirdest feeling. I began to scare Josh last night after talking about the banging I would hear in my ears when these waves would come on so I went to the doctor today. I had looked up my symptoms on-line, because you know the internet is ALWAYS accurate, and I was expecting the worst, you know, internal bleeding, swollen brain, vertigo, etc. The doctor asked a few questions and he looked quite puzzled. Then, he sent me off to go get some blood work done among some other things that I'd rather not mention=) The tests came back and I was on pins and needles, ready to face this Giant staring me in the face and he said "Well, I really thought the tests would come back and say that you were pregnant...but you AREN'T (sorry grandparents), you're blood count was great so you are not anemic (which I have been positive with before)" and then he said something insignificant about my Thyroid. He basically said that all I have is a weird Virus and hopefully I'll have a clear head in 3-5 days. You know that feeling that you get when you know something isn't right with your body and you just have to hear a doctor explain your symptoms and it makes it SO MUCH BETTER? Well, I am feeling better today, especially after hearing a doctor tell me I'll be okay and that I wasn't going crazy=)
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