Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How do YOU conserve water?

Since Josh and I found out about the strict restrictions in our area to conserve water we are evaluating the water usage in our own home, (YES, we do love our environment, but it's mainly so we don't have to pay a butt-load of fines at the end of the month). It's kind of like when you put a budget together and realize exactly where ALL that money has gone. Anyway, here are just a few ways we have been saving water around here. Let me know if you have any other ideas...

1 - Areyna is learning a new rule..."if it's yellow let it mellow and if it's brown flush it down." Laugh if you must, but we're saving loads with this one!! (Very resourceful, thanks Deedee)

2 - We have 2 leaky faucets and the plumber won't be back in town for another week. We have devised yet another plan to use this wasted water. We are putting tupperwear in the sinks under the dripping water and that seems to be more than enough to fill up the coffee pot in the morning and the kids humidifier at night.

3 - Our laundry consists of 1 large dark load and 1 large UNdark load.

4 - Hand soap has been replaced by hand sanitizer.

5 - Clearasil facial wipes have replaced washing with water at night

6 - Paper plates, and plastic cups and silverwear are being used so we only have a couple of dishes to wash.

7 - Lysol wipes have become my best friend.

Last But Definitely Not Least: YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!

8 - Go to Josh's blog to see our new bathtime ritual for the kids.
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