Sunday, November 11, 2007

We need your help!!!!

Sara and Kati Scott are part of Return Worship with Josh and I. They won the battle of the bands here in Charlotte and they are going to be interviewed on 91.9FM on Tuesday morning, November 13 at 7am and 7:30am. Along with part, if not all, of "Your Love Does No Wrong" from the Return CD. AFTER it has been aired we need your help. We NEED YOU to call and/or e-mail 91.9 requesting them to play "Your Love Does No Wrong" with Sara and Kati Scott. Here's the info. 704-841-4646 or 704-821-9293 and e-mail: Thanks for ALL your help. If you want to purchase the CD it's on sale now at Southbrook church or on line at the Return Worship website.
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