Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back In The Swing Of Things

I've got a fresh motivation today. Josh is back home and his jet-lag is SLOWLY fading away. It seemed to have affected us all. It's amazing how the Lord helps us cope with whatever we are going through at the time. God showered me with more patience and endurance than I thought was ever possible. That's how we know it's God. He does something in us that we know WE cannot attain on our own. Anyway, as soon as Josh got in the car at the airport, I felt like I'd been running a marathon myself and just wanted to crash. My body was letting down because I knew that backup had arrived!! Praise The Lord. The past couple of days have been catch-up days in the office, on sleep, and on family time for all of us. The kids have been extra clingy to their daddy and don't want him out of their sight, and Josh is loving every minute of it. During these times when Josh travels is when I really realize how Blessed I am to have married my WONDERFUL husband. What a godly husband, father and example he is! I love you Baby.
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